Myers Design & Mfg Reeling Machine

MDM currently offers two ready to order reeling machines listed below. However, MDM also offers custom reeling machine to fit your needs.

MDM 40x30 Approximately 540#s
This small unit can fit in the bed of a standard pickup truck. It is good for small jobs such as tubing and hoist lines.

Myers Design & Mfg Reel Machine

MDM 60x40 Approximately 1500#s
This larger unit can fit on a 16' trailer of flatbed truck. It can handle larger reels for tubing, hoist, sand and rigging or ROV lines.


Larger custom units are available to handle anchor and mooring lines for reel capacities of 145x105

  • Optional power sources
  • Minimum 2 safety shut-off switches
  • Electric, Diesel, Gas, Propane, or Pneumatic