Press Services

Myers Design and Manufacturing offers many different maintenance, repair and improvement services for your existing presses. We have complete maintenance programs available, and include inpections of dies, posts, holders, leak repair, rod repair and welding for cracked cases. Myers also offers set-up and machinery moving services, as well as increased cycle times for high production.

Myers Complete Press Services

  • Maintenance Programs
  • Lube Systems
  • Inspections of dies, posts, holders
  • Leak Repairs
  • Rebuilds
  • Rod Repair
  • Platforms
  • Set-up and Machinery Moving
  • Welding for cracked castings
  • Increased cycle times for high production

Myers was contracted to increase the cycle time on the small gray unit pictured above. The cycle time of the press was increased 3 to 1 to increase production for a larger order of 3/8 eye&eye slings without having to purchase a complete new press. Myers can make custom modifications to meet your specific press needs as well.