The Myers Design & Manufacturing Round Sling Machine can make most Round Slings in under 2 minutes. The machine is table mounted, offers foot switch operation, and is easily programmed for excellent repeatability.

The Myers Round Sling Machine is available in 3 models, the MDM-RSL 10L light duty, 20S standard and the 20H heavy duty. The 10L model handles 1 to 10 foot #4 slings and is a fast, small unit for high production applications. The 20S model allows for 1 to 20 foot #4 slings, and is the best all around value; fast, proven and efficient. For heavy duty applications, Myers offers the 20H, which is a heavy duty version of the 20S model that accepts 1 to 20 foot #7 slings.

Myers Round Sling Machine

Myers Design & Manufacturing can build a custom Round Sling Machine to meet your specific needs, or provide maintenance and repairs to your current machine. Call Clay Myers at 281-728-7321 for more information.

Myers Round Sling Machine Features:

  • 120 Volt Units
  • Table Mounted
  • Easily Programmed
  • Foot Switch Operation
  • Repeatability
  • Larger Custom Units Available
  • Repairs and Modifications available
  • Clamping Options
  • 3 different Round Sling Machines to fit your needs

Myers Round Sling Machine Models:

  1. MDM RSM 10L
    Capacity: 1' - 10' #4
    Fast, small unit for high production
  2. MDM RSM 20S
    Capacity: 1' - 20' #5
    Best all around value, fast, efficient, proven
  3. MDM RSM 20H
    Capacity: 1' - 20' #7
    A heavy version of the RSM 20S